A bit of a funny story for y'all. As I've posted before, I'm a fan of taking old, second hand models and converting them into something unique. Unfortunately, a lot of second hand models need some serious cleaning and deconstruction before they're usable for anything. People have a bizarre love of using too much glue/paint/primer. When dealing with plastic models, my preferred solvent is isopropyl alcohol, as it's a relatively mild solvent with minimal toxicity. (Pewter, I just use warmed acetone.)

Now, back when 5th edition came out, I lost interest in the hobby and stopped working on models completely. Prior to that, the (imo) terrible 4th ed Chaos Space Marine codex came out and killed any inclination I had to work on marine models. Unfortunately, I did have some marine models stewing in a jar of alcohol about the time that the 4th ed CSM codex dropped, and apathy kept those models in the jar a... tad longer than initially intended.

So, about 3 minutes ago, I just finished pulling out these models from a jar of isopropyl alcohol that they have been sitting in there for about 5 years. All of the models are plastic, the jar has been sealed this entire time, and the concentration of isopropyl alcohol that was used was 90%.

The models are, surprisingly, completely fine. The plastic integrity seems to have held, and they came apart relatively easily, with a few exceptions. Granted, they have been soaking in a highly flammable liquid for the past half decade, so they are currently sitting out on my balcony because I'm a little afraid that they might explode if they come close to an electric current or heat source, but I'm pretty impressed by isopropyl alcohol's ideal solvency for plastic models.

(P.S. If my apartment building burns down tonight, there's a possibility it may not be my fault. I live in Detroit, so it very well could be the Mad-Max-style roving bands of outlaws just having fun.)