Hi all!

First of all, apologies for my bad english: it's not my language, so be patient please.

I started the hobby about twenty years ago and I always played with Eldar: I loved them since Space Crusade expansion, and I always thought they're far more original and interesting than just plain "space elves". I liked the fluff and the models were awesome, thank to the unique talent of mr. Jes Goodwin. Ok, that's enough: I can spend all day talking about Eldar virtues

So I started with 2nd edition, playing and learning to paint in the same time. I choose Ulthwè because I liked its background (military based society and the finest seers; and Ulthran!) and the striking contrast black/yellow of the colour scheme.
A large part of my army are old pieces: almost all the aspect warriors, the Harlequins, dreadnoughts (ok, Wraithlords today) and some other models. I've got something new as well, but that's why I named this log My Ancient Ulthwè Army.
Normally I just paint for use models in games, but I try to do it as best as I can.
At the moment I have not many decent photos but I was very eager to open this log, so let's begin with an angry Avatar leading a host of Guardians and Wraithguards through mysterious ruins. Hope enjoy it!

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