I started a new WHQ campaign at the weekend. We managed 3 dungeons on Sunday, before the host decided he wanted to play some Descent 2 (obviously missed being GM/Overlord). Anyway, our new party is made up of Bretonnian Knight, Elf Ranger Mage, Dwarf and Quarg Hunter.

The Quarg Hunter is a new one on me, but they pointed out it was bundled in with the collection of WHQ articles I had given them previously, so apparently I'm the one to blame I left for home with two main thoughts on the character:
  1. I find the rules a little out of balance in places, and wondered what you guys thought. It's no where near bad enough to be completely wrong, but just niggles at me. I'll let you read it and put my main annoyances in spoilers below so I can see if you agree. Don't get me wrong, it's a fun and very WHQ idea for a character, but, like I did with the Dwarf Brewmaster, I feel it needs a bit of tweaking to tone it down a tad.
  2. Having just bought a couple more hero models to choose from, I was wondering how to do a Quarg Hunter, and realised I actually have almost half an Empire Milita set sitting on a bookcase, and some cool extras from the dwarf miner set (backpacks, explosives, lanterns and a caged snotling) that could combine to make a cool Hunter mini. The addition of some belt pieces from the Bretonnian militia sprue would make him really look like a woodland hunter (the club could be painted up as bells on a stick), and with a swirls and whorls (or at least brightly coloured paint job) he will look suitably silly and fun to make me less irritated by those rule issues. Also, after seeing the cool bases Modhail has been making, I thought putting some green stuff on the base and adding a quarg paw print to it, so it looks like the hunter is actually tracking a beast, would make the base look much more interesting, and make the whole thing come together. Maybe when I get my next paycheck I'll cough up for the extra bits...

My main issues were: