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    Re: New DA rumors

    Quote Originally Posted by Spellfire View Post
    Any chance the Storm Talon will be part of the list? And I'm assuming that drop pods will be a standard option? Thinking of starting DA and would like to use some existing but unpainted models.
    Standard DT are there, Rhino, razorback, and DP. I have conflicting rumors the LR is in as a DT for Terminators.

    Also in discussions at GD, the StormTalon is to remain a Codex Space Marines only vehicle.

    Quote Originally Posted by radical ed View Post
    this all sounds pretty good.

    any word on mixed termi squads? i so cant be arsed pulling off the cyclones from my TH/SS blokes.
    Earlier rumor was mixed squad remained, however, cyclones could only be taken on SB marines. I haven't heard any more on this, that was a while ago, it really could go either way. I wouldn't build any more or tear apart those you have just yet.

    Quote Originally Posted by _Chimaera View Post
    Just another question Stickmonkey that you may have heard more on at GD.

    The Chaos release seems to have the first plastic solo mini in the form of the aspiring champion. I really am hoping GW this will go down this route more, especially if they put a couple of options in each pack e.g. couple of heads or a different weapon for variation. Is this plastic release part of a wider plan for 40K and are we likely to see any of the single figures in the DA release in plastic?
    I have heard, but have very little to back this up that the company master for DA in TA will be a single plastic character blister. It will include some options for loadout but not all, but will be blinged out like the DV termies.
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