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Going on all the previous plastic character releases this would seem very unlikely, because:
A) None of the previous models have been terminator sized. In fact I think it would require a bigger sprue.
B) None of the previous models had any options, with the exception of head options on the empire captain and VC wraith, both of which where small models with room left to spare on the sprue. Certainly none of the models had any equipment options.

To summ up: it sounds to much like wishfull thinking.
The single character sprues have plenty of space on them for options. Look at what is packed onto a character finecast sprue. You have Arjak in a smaller finecast sprue and he's in TA, then you have Draigo with head swaps. I don't find it at all implausible they could have 2-3 weapons, perhaps a sword, a storm bolter or a combi weapon all on the sprue. Also, IIRC there was a single sprue terminator released with WD with the starter release for 5th. Granted, it was just a starter terminator, but it certainly fits in the character sprue sized thoughts.