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Thread: 7th legion army that I might do (yet another pre-heresy thing, yawn...)

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    Mandragola's 7th legion.

    Hi all

    I've had a few mark 3 guys knocking around for a while. Bought the unit they were going to be got written out of the army list before they were built. Now forgeworld is coming along with some actual rules for a legion list, so these guys have come out and might be the beginnings of a new army, or just a side project I do for my own entertainment. I normally churn armies out for tournaments rather than as painting projects, so it's nice to do something for its own sake once in a while.

    I'm going for a 7th legion army, of Imperial fists. The idea for these guys is that they are early in the great crusade just setting out from Terra. I am mostly going with them because I think their yellow colour scheme will look good, but also because I like their character. But at this stage I'm not that sure what I'll be building so all I really have is a test mini. Here he is.

    So he looks pretty good I think. I've had a look at Shaw3029's guys and I like the weathering he's done so I might try that out.

    And here's the obligatory picture of where I'm sort of painting some more of them. I've given one of them a melta gun, and it turns out that tactical squads in the legion lists can't have them, so that's a bit of a problem! I think I'll just do a few more bolter guys until I can get hold of the army list.

    Update 25.03.14. I thought I'd post a group shot of the army so far. It can actually be called an army now, with several proper units in it. It's gathering quite a few battle honours and even a couple of painting prizes. Read on, if you dare/care!

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