And here are some pictures of knights. I've got four of them so far. New heads haven't been stuck on yet, obviously. I might bring these to the GT finals this year if I bother to go.

First up, a paladin

Back half of his armour is black, in a very basic heraldic design. These mechanicum guys aren't fancy.

Then an Errant, with an even simpler scheme

And we've got a Castigator. This one needs the new head the most I think. And maybe I should do something more with its sword.

And finally my Baron, in his Warden. Fanciest roof, and different designs on his other armour plates to indicate his higher rank. I'm pleased with how this guy's pose came out. He does look like he's walking forward I think. I've had to pin his ankle joint though, replacing some plastic pins with metal ones. He holds up stood on one leg.

Any C+C on either post very welcome.