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Thread: poll: Flyers killed the game

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    poll: Flyers killed the game

    Did flyers ruin the game for you?

    For me they kind of did a littlle
    At first I found them very refreshing and fun as hell finely there was real air power in the game.

    But then things started to pick up and the nasty side was show.

    First off flyers have all the advantages over normal troops
    1) They always get their shots in first.
    2) There is no way to hid from them.
    3) They are ultimate point denial.
    4) Shooting them is highly in effective
    5) A lot of them can deal whit any thing you can field but few things can deal whit them.
    6) Lot of armies have no effective answer to flyers especially not since flyers get to alpha strike there counter first. (well except things whit intercept but those are really limited.

    Now it's not that bad if you only face one or two cause in the end they lack the fire power to get you off objectives.
    But silly armies like Necrons whit 11 flyers or IG whit 9 just are a pain to play against

    Sure you might still win but was there any fun involved.

    I for one would hate to play against flyer spam and although I don't see myself as a quitter. I would rather do something else whit my time than play a frustrating battle.
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