I am sorry but this is really starting to annoy me. When a new player, or for that matter, a veteran, is considering investing in a new army, he is generally adviced to go with the army which has models that he would enjoy painting. And this I agree with..However, I enjoy painting skaven,and to a lesser degree, dark elves. I have a rather large army, around 4000 pts each, but my old gaming group fell to infighting and bickering and now when I am trying to find new people to play against, mostly randoms from forums and so on. I find that most of them seem to be reluctant to play me simply because of my choice of armys, and that makes me sad. Because I am not generally trying to powergame...Although I still aim to make my list competetive and fun to play with aswell as against.

I don't really know what kind of input I am looking for with this topic.. I just thought it was worth bringing up...Are there people my fellow warseerites won't play simply because of their army?