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Thread: Questions for the Chaos Space Marine FAQ.

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    Questions for the Chaos Space Marine FAQ.

    So codex has been out a few days and we have all had a good look. I thought i'd make this thread and let it run for a week or so and update this post with the consensus of questions.

    Then submit them to the powers that be (never know might work!), i'v had email replies from GW designers before.

    I'v written up the obvious two.

    1. Can the Axe of Blind Fury artefact be taken by a Daemon Prince of Khorne? It stipulates a model must have 'The Mark of Khorne' which a Daemon Prince cannot take. If a prince cannot take this artefact what is the purpose of it granting rage to the user? as that is already a benefit of the Mark of Khorne.

    2. Typhus can allow any Chaos Cultist units to become Plague Zombies but stipulates those units 'cannot purchase options'. Does this include the option to take additional cultists past the original ten? It currently strictly only allows units of ten Plague Zombies.

    3. Can the Heldrake flex its neck, or is its arc of fire limited to 45 degrees straight ahead like a hull-mounted weapon?

    4. A Powerfist is a specialist weapon but a Scourge is not. Does this restrict the bonus attacks for multiple weapons on Walkers that take a mix of such weapons?

    5. Are a Plague Champion's Plague Knife, a WarpSmith's Power Axe, A Dark Apostle's Power Maul and a Sorceror/Aspiring Sorceror's Force Weapons considered Close Combat Weapons for the purposes of being exchanged for other Melee Weapons from the wargear list?

    6. Can a Warpsmith fire both his Mechatendril weapons, or one Mechatendril and one other weapon as part of Overwatch?

    7. How many attacks do a pair of mechatendril grant? 1/2 or 2/4?

    8. If Kharn the Betrayer rolls a 1 to hit in close combat, his attacks automatically hit a friendly model. Can this be re-rolled from rules like Hatred or Preferred Enemy? (Debatable.)

    9. If Kharn the Betrayer is engaged in a challenge, does he still hit friendly models with the Betrayer rule?

    10. What happens when Abaddon rolls a Dark Apotheosis result on the Chaos Boons table? Does he gain all four "Daemon of..." rules? Does he then have Hatred against Daemons from all gods?

    11. Do Special Characters with a specific Warlord trait included in their rules always use only that one? Can they choose to roll for a random one instead of/in addition to their standard Warlord trait? (IMHO the answer is clear, but I've seen the question asked several times.)

    12. If a Cultist squad is upgraded to Plague Zombies, can you add more numbers to the unit or are they stuck at 10?

    13. If a Chaos Lord is mounted on a bike, can he swap the bike's combi-bolter for another weapon from one of the wargear lists? For example, can a Chaos Lord on bike swap the combi-bolter for a combi-melta from the Ranged Weapons list?

    14. If a Helbrute has no shooting weapons, what happens if it rolls a 1 on the Crazed chart? Does it just stand there, bellowing angrily?

    15. Can vehicles with the Daemon special rule use the 5+ invulnerable save against glancing and penetrating hits?

    16. If a vehicle already has an upgrade that is also found on the Vehicle Equipment List, and it has access to that list, can it purchase a second instance of that upgrade? For example, can a Chaos Rhino purchase a second combi-bolter, or can a Defiler upgrade its twin heavy flamer to a Havoc launcher and then purchase another Havoc launcher from the equipment list?

    17. Can Lasher Tendrils be removed by a Weapon Destroyed result?

    18. Does Lucius' whip count as a second hand weapon?

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