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Thread: Under these circumstances, would you sell most/all of your Warhammer models?

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    Under these circumstances, would you sell most/all of your Warhammer models?

    I just had a friend offer me all of his OOP metal Grey Knights. Probably about 1500 points worth, plus an OOP Land Raider Crusader and a metal Coteaz with retinue. He said that if I didn't want them, he was going to sell the lot.

    I absolutely love all those models, but I told him to sell them because I have...

    • +/- 2500 points Sisters of Battle
    • +/- 500 points Inquisition (Need Coteaz to be able to field them, but I have a suitable proxy)
    • +/- 500 points Slaanesh Daemons which were purchased for games against his Daemonhunters force (Nowadays I would need HQ to field, but I have a suitable Masque proxy)
    • +/- 1000 points Space Marines
    • +/- 1500 points Tau (in slight disrepair)
    • +/- 2000 points Tyranids (in slight disrepair)
    • Every 3rd edition Warhammer 40k book
    • All the obsolete 4th edition books + Apocalypse & Reload

    And some non GW stuff...

    • Enough Dust Tactics models to field a small army of Imperial Guard + 8 "sentinels" (Or to just play Dust Warfare with)
    • 3 small Warmachine forces
    • Enough Anima Tactics models to play a large game with someone
    • 1 small Malifaux crew
    • Lots of Avatars of War
    • 2 Firestorm Armada starter forces

    I have painted very little of this, maybe about 15%. I am running out of space to store models. Being a law student, I have very little time to paint the minis, and even the time that I do have is often spent doing other things because, due to limited space, it takes time to clear off my paint desk and get it ready for painting.

    My gaming group has not withstood the test of time. In the past 5 years, We've lost an Ork player, a 'nid player, a Tau player, a Space Wolf player, a Chaos Space Marine player, and two Dark Eldar players. Now that my GK playing friend has decided to get rid of his minis, I have only two tentative opponents: My girlfriend who has approx 1500 points of Necrons and would play only for my sake (because she got tired of it after a few early 5th ed. games and doesn't know or care to learn the 5th edition Necron rules), and my younger brother who lives 30 minutes away and has approximately 2500 points of Orks, about 1000 points of Space Wolves, and two 6x4 modular gaming tables in the basement. He is, however, talking about moving in with my Dad, who lives 1000 miles away in the Seattle area.

    I game with people maybe 2-3 times a year, and about half of those games are 40k.

    There are stores where I could go and play, but I pretty much never go in to game. The last time I did was to play Firestorm Armada, which isn't even sold at the LGS I went to.

    I love the 40k universe.

    Almost every mini I own was purchased because it could be fielded as a proxy for a GW mini, but over time I collected the rulebooks for all the minis I own, and now I happily play non GW games from time to time (and would sooner play non GW games with my girlfriend than play a game she got tired of i.e. 40k).

    I am tired of GW's prices and I am no longer in the market for new GW minis. (Just a relevant factor, not a huge discussion point.)

    EDIT: No one I know is in any hurry to play 6th edition, myself included.

    Now finally to the point. Having just lost another potential 40k opponent, I am thinking of seriously downsizing my GW collection and keeping only my Sisters of Battle for sentimental reasons. I would keep my non-GW stuff and offer people games by saying "Given these two choices, which army do you want to play? I'll take the other one."

    I am happy to take advice, but I recognize that the decision to sell my models is my decision to make. However, I am curious to see how many people would sell most of their GW figs if they were in my shoes, which is the main reason for my post.
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