This is a thread about the rise of guns in Warhammer. I'm not necessarily complaining, just making a point.
Historically, guns replaced bows and crossbows (obviously).
So how do armies without gunpowder plan to deal with opponents who regularly field artillery?
In the games I've played, I've noticed that armies like Empire don't field crossbowmen anymore. Handgunners are simply better.
Armies like High Elves don't field archers at all. (in the games I've played)

Largely, I would put this down to blackpowder weapons losing the "shoot every second rule" turn in 6th edition. Before the latest edition, guns could only shoot every second turn, which was a huge disadvantage.
Empire handgunners (and I suspect dwarf handgunners too) were allowed to deploy in two ranks, and one rank could fire each turn. Of course, you still had to buy twice as many handgunners to get the shots.

I suppose that rule was removed to help the flow of the game, and is understandable. However, without any real increase in the price of guns it seems (to me, anyway) that bows/crossbows have largely become obsolete.

Enter all the new guns in the game, (Skaven ratlings, lightning cannons, Ogre leadbelchers, and now undead pirates I'm told, to name a few), and I see little reason to actually field regular archers anymore (unless they're brimming with extra rules, like the wood elves).

How does everyone else get around this? Anyone have some successful house rules that you use? Has anyone else noticed differently?