Hey guys, I'm currently writing up the background to my Chaos Marines, including alsorts of things, old memorable games, campaigns and Epic moments . . all the usual kind of stuff, but im trying to get in the character of my chaos lord too. However in doing this, i realize the Old background i wrote years ago and how he behaves now is very different. . . So i have a bit of character developing to do in my story. I want to keep the whole thing in 'Cannon' with my old background. I have realized that actually i do put a little of me in my writing, my attitude has changed over the years, Azazel (My Chaos Lord) has always behaved a little like i probably would in his shoes.

This got me wondering, do you guys do this too? Do your personality, Ideology and political beliefs come through in your writing? Before you all think I'm some kind of mental Narcissistic Cannibalistic (yes he eats people . . Especially Marines) Hedonist, i exaggerate and add in lots of little bits, but when you rationalize it . . actually i'm in there. . Including my vices too . . .

Or do you entirely make it up as you go along, with a different kind of method?

Cheers Guys!