So this is my first post in the 40k section. I've dabbled with playing a 40k army for a long time (i've collected WFB for 10 years) but aside from picking up the odd codex never taken it seriously. The release of 6th seems a good place to start and i've finally been tempted to get involved.

I realise you probably get a few of these posts but I've been shockingly unaware (or you could say ignorant) of pretty much anything that goes on in 40k with regard to actual gaming. I've made it my mission to collect BL books for WFB and I've finally completed my collection (which now stands at about 150). So I moved on to 40k starting with some omnibuses (Ultramarines, Space Wolves, Grey Knights 1 and 2 and Blood Angels and found them thoroughly enjoyable). Note that by no means am I obsessed with Space Marines above anything else, those were the obvious starting points for me with the William King Gotrek and Felix and Space Wolves omnibus parallels since G+F were the first WFB novels I bought.

So I come to you seasoned 40k players for advice because I am clueless about playing styles, strengths and weaknesses of the 40k armies. My WFB background- I collect Ogres, Vampire Counts, High Elves and Wood Elves so have no preference about good/evil or even neutral as WE and OK are seemingly classed in WFB. I enjoy tooled up powerful heroes to try and slaughter as many foes as possible (Vampire Lords are particularly enticing for me) while sometimes sacrificing optimizing my lists because of my fluff love. As you can see with my armies, I enjoy a range of tactics from MSU and ranged (WE) to magic (HE+ VC) and smash mouth troops who revel in combat (OK and the more powerful HE and VC units).

I've obviously taken some time to research 40k and read about the background and I'm least enamoured with Orks and Dark Eldar (coincidentally Orcs and Goblins and Dark Elves are my two least favourite WFB armies). I'm also adverse to Chaos in WFB from a collection point of view but actually find Chaos more enticing in 40k form. So that's a little bit of my history, any help would be greatly appreciated!