So I had a little altercation with the store manager today at the local GW. The issue being:

While playing a game between me and a friend who was playing Necrons fielding Nemesor but using the Stormlord model, I said to my friend "dude get Nemesor already stop proxying the stormlord I was getting confused already'

[As a side note this was the second game my friend does that proxy. In our previous game he proxied a bunch of heavy destroyers without arms, so today i gave him 4 heavy destroyer arms free to help]

Any how the store manager butts in at my comment and starts ranting about how I shouldn't be one to talk as I some times proxy models without arms and my armies all look like crap because I don't paint.

To which i obviously take offense, and I state that yes on RARE occasion i proxy a model armless because i'm in the process of fully intending to get the weapons i want for it and do not wish to glue an undesired weapon on. In this game i had 1 such model was a Grey Knight terminator that was missing his psycannon because I still haven't bought the extra bit for it and do not want a psilencer/etc. However my argument is that plenty people at the store play with armless models as well, and as long as I let the opponent know that 'hey that dude missing the arm is carrying a psycannon' everything should be fine because in the end it's the same model hard to get confused, where as someone proxying an entirely different model is way more confusing, specially when they don't even point out that 'hey this dude is a different dude'

The manager then rants on about how using a different model is perfectly legal and in the book as 'count as' rule, and that my unpainted models lacking one of their weapons or both are disrespectful to the hobby and considered 'unbuilt models' for the purpose of the game and thus NOT ALLOWABLE at the store.

At this point i'm like 'WTF?' so I point out that for starters the hobby does not include painting as a requirement, I personally suck at painting and have no interest in paintain my stuff myself and have taken into consideration paying someone for commission paint jobs but even if I chose to leave them unpainted he can't tell me I can't play them on those grounds because from the first day I was introduced to the hobby 7 years ago I asked if painting was required, and was told NO, had it been a yes I would've never got into it because i know painting is definetly not my thing. [Just becuase i'm a good runner doesn't mean i have any interest in playing soccer]

So ultimately he tells me this is true that painting is not required but my models still look like crap and it pisses him off, and from now on unless a model is fully built [weapons on] I am not allowed to play it on his tables at the store for this is from today forth a house rule of the shop. To which I point out that i'm NOT the only person that has used or uses models without weapons at the store, my opponent to whom I was giving free heavy destroyer weapons to help him play a less confusing army with less proxy being a prime example, so he can't come try and single me out.

Then he tells me to finish playing my last game at the store.

At that point I snapped and insisted that he give me a good reason why I should be banned from playing at the store because his basis that i should be banned because I don't paint or use models with a weapon I don't want glued on doesn't seem like a good reason if even valid at that.

I've been in the hobby 7 years and the only time i've seen someone get banned at the store has either been for stealing or fighting. So can managers ban someone for ridiculous reasons such as this one? Can they house rule a no armless models on the tables policy, and is it ok to only enforce said house rule on 1 person?

I stayed after the heated argument, and played 2 more games. 1 against another necron player who proxied the Overlords with warscythe + res.orb that come in the Command Barge set, as a regular Lord with Staff of Light and did NOT tell me, to my surprise on turn 2 when the lord shot at me...[which is exactly why i'm against proxying entire models]

And the game after that Dark Eldar player was shooting at me with vehicles that had NO WEAPONS glued on...4 vehicles none of them with a weapon glued on. And again I was not told if they had weapons or what they even were if they did. And not a word from the manager....

So I go out of my way to point out any 'armless' proxies that I field, and i deserve to be banned, yet everyone else does it without even declaring it and Manager turns a blind eye.

Are these grounds for me to file a complaint against the Manager? He's a new Manager (2 years on the job now at the store i've been going for the past 7 years). So i've never had this sort of problem until now, and if these are grounds to file a complaint does anyone know the contact info because this dude really pissed me off today.