Hi everybody. The moment I bought the Tamurkhan book i have always wanted to make a Great host army but since i have never bought any chaos or played them before i was wondering on what is good to include in a Chaos list. I have planned to make it a Khorne follower army (since It will give me an excuse to just run headlong into combat, and that I only like their demons). I have been planning to include Warriors of chaos (well of course), Deamons of Chaos and Beastmen. So far I have got, without experience from chaos I think on including Chaos lord (as the paragon) although I do not know how to equip him, only khorne deamons, and marauders to act as tribes that have joined him. I do not really know what else that Is both good to include and to include so that the army gets a fluffy look with different tribes of soldiers and beastmen herds that have joined. My plan was to make this army 3000 points (will take a very long time).

Ps: does anybody else have an example on how they did their Chaos host? Just wondering so that I could see difference and similarities.