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Thread: Tamurkhan, Great host of Chaos

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    Tamurkhan, Great host of Chaos

    Hi everybody. The moment I bought the Tamurkhan book i have always wanted to make a Great host army but since i have never bought any chaos or played them before i was wondering on what is good to include in a Chaos list. I have planned to make it a Khorne follower army (since It will give me an excuse to just run headlong into combat, and that I only like their demons). I have been planning to include Warriors of chaos (well of course), Deamons of Chaos and Beastmen. So far I have got, without experience from chaos I think on including Chaos lord (as the paragon) although I do not know how to equip him, only khorne deamons, and marauders to act as tribes that have joined him. I do not really know what else that Is both good to include and to include so that the army gets a fluffy look with different tribes of soldiers and beastmen herds that have joined. My plan was to make this army 3000 points (will take a very long time).

    Ps: does anybody else have an example on how they did their Chaos host? Just wondering so that I could see difference and similarities.

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    Re: Tamurkhan, Great host of Chaos

    Its hard to answer something like that as its not used anywhere really - except perhaps for a Tamurkhan campaign or a circle of friends playing with specific rules.
    I've not seen anyone discuss any such lists x:

    Its not an army you can just take anywhere and play against anyone and its not allowed at any tournament anywhere.

    Though they used to be one army (daemons, beasts and warriors of chaos) back in 6th edition and it worked well enough but thats long gone. x:
    Mono-god armies are always awesome though - but the investment to make such an army nowadays if you're not gonna be playing it much means pretty much making it for the hobby aspect of it, which I'm totally ok with as I also have armies I'm just not playing and they're collecting a bit of dust x:
    Prices have risen so much that I wouldn't recommend it unless its well within your budget ;D

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    Re: Tamurkhan, Great host of Chaos

    Well the new chaos book is not far off so perhaps wait another couple of months before investing into anything?
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    Re: Tamurkhan, Great host of Chaos

    I have heard rumors about the upcoming book but i have troubles to find anything confirmed. Has it not also been rumors about the Daemons and beastmen book? As for the army itself iwas thinking if it would be possible to split it down so that i can use them as a 1000 point khorne deamon army with a few adjustment as an example

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    Re: Tamurkhan, Great host of Chaos

    Grwat that you want to do a Great Host of Khorne!

    Well, how to equip the Chaos Lord, now that's no easy question. I like defensive Lords and as the Paragon of the Host gets a nice +1 to his Wardsave, I'd reccomend giving him the Talisman of Preservation. Otherwise, mounting him on a Chaos Steed and putting him in a unit of Chaos Knights could prove quite good because in a Great Host, especially if they are dedicated to Khorne, the Leadership bubble is not as important as for other armies.

    Large parts of your armies are either Daemons which are Immune to Psychology anyways, or are frenzied and therefore ItP as well. This avoids Panic Tests and as the army is quite able in close combat, not too many units should lose their combats/flee from there either. You can hopefully avoid Scorn of Chaos this way, or at least make it occuring more rarely.
    Just make sure that you do not include too many chaff units like Furies, Harpies and Hounds because their destruction works against you if you have to check for Ascendancy/Scorn of Chaos!

    Since you asked how others planned their Great Host, my plans which were for a 5000+ Points Great Host of Nurgle looked like this (I scrapped them due to lack of money & space):

    Paragon of Decay: Great Unclean One (I generally just like both the big fatty and the name & idea of the rule "...And Hell followed with Them")
    3 Heralds of Nurgle, one of them as BSB with Great Icon of Despair
    Mounted Sorcerer of Nurgle
    3 x 49 Plaguebearers as necessary 25% Core
    Maybe some Furies
    21 Chosen of Nurgle
    7 Chaos Knights of Nurgle
    7 Chaos Ogres of Nurgle (led by Doombull)
    Some more stuff depending on size/preference

    All in all very close combat oriented, always with the holy number in mind and generally focused on the despairing aspect of Nurgle (so a bit on Ld Tests). Due to lack of money I had to let the idea go, though. Fortunately for me I do not like the new Plaguebearers, they might have "convinced" me to realize the idea...

    Have fun building your army, the Great Host offers so many awesome possibilities!
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    Re: Tamurkhan, Great host of Chaos

    I echo Morkash, a ward save on your Paragon is a definite must to take advantage of the +1. It is also worth noting that there are a few army stipulations such as 25% min Core being from the same list as the Paragon, the good thing is that being a mono-God army your Core will have the same mark as your Paragon and will be Sworn Disciples, which will help with the affects of the Ascendancy/Scorn rules. Because you are thinking of Khorne then it doesn't matter whether you take a Warrior Paragon or a Daemon Paragon, normally I would suggest a Daemon Paragon so your Warrior units will be Immune to Psychology but they will be frenzied with the mark of Khorne anyway (as Morkash pointed out). Of course your choice of Paragon might be decided by your Core choices anyway, as mine is with my upcoming game:

    I am doing a Host for my next campaign game (Phase 3, Game 1: Battleline vs Army of Ruin, 4000 points) so I could try and use as many Nurgle units as I could from my Warriors and Daemons armies. Here is what I ended up with (apologies if things don't look quite right, I'm doing this from memory), note my character builds are constrained by the fluff of my army (no Tzeentch items or gifts on my Paragon, for example), model collection, and the fact I will be facing an army of monsters!

    Sorcerer Lord, Paragon of Decay
    Lvl 4, Mark of Nurgle, Daemonic Steed, Dragonhelm, Talisman of Preservation, Spell Familiar, Conjoined Homoculus

    Great Unclean One, Greater Daemon of Nurgle
    Balesword, Noxious Vapours

    Kasyk the Befouled

    Exalted Hero, BSB
    Mark of Nurgle, Glaive of Putrefication, Potion of Strength

    Mark of Nurgle, Dispel Magic Scroll

    Herald of Nurgle
    Noxious Vapours

    14 Chaos Warriors
    Mark of Nurgle, Shields, Full Command, Banner of Eternal Flame

    15 Chaos Warriors
    Mark of Nurgle, Shields, Full Command

    19 Plaguebearers
    Full Command, Icon of Seeping Decay

    20 Plaguebearers
    Full Command

    5 Chaos Knights
    Mark of Nurgle, Full Command, Banner of Rage

    7 Nurgling Bases

    3 Pox Riders

    4 Skin Wolves

    Mark of Nurgle

    Chaos Spawn
    Mark of Nurgle

    Beast of Nurgle

    Ok, I have contradicted myself from earlier, unfortunately I don't own enough Core troops from either Army list to make up the required percentage but together the Warriors and Plaguebearers do make the minimum 25% for the army as a whole, which my opponent has kindly agreed to overlook for the game. I did, however, change my Paragon to represent the greater points from the Warriors army book, originally I wanted to use the GUO. Looking forward to seeing how it all works out!
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