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    Re: Post youre Fleet(s)

    It's been a while... But here we go, with pictures.
    Picture 1+5 (White/Yellow + Black/Gold) Imperial Navy + Space Marines
    5x Battlebarge SM
    6x Strike Cruiser T. SM
    9x Strike Cruiser SM
    9x Nova SM
    7x Gladius SM
    6x Hunter SM
    2x Victorious
    2x Retribution
    3x Mars
    3x Dominion
    3x (selfmade Carriers)
    3x Centurion
    3x Armageddon
    3x Overlord
    7x Dictator
    3x Dominator
    1x Tyrant
    4x Luna
    4x Gothic
    4x Dauntless Carrier
    4x Dauntless
    10x Firestorm
    8x Sword
    3x Falchion
    13x Cobra

    1x Oberon
    2x Conqueror
    1x Nemesis
    1x Retribution
    1x Emperor
    2x Vengance
    2x Mars
    3x Dominion
    1x (selfmade Carrier)
    2x Dominator
    3x Gothic
    4x Luna
    2x Dauntless
    4x Dauntless Carrier
    10x Firestorm
    10x Sword
    11x Cobra
    2x Battlebarge SM
    1x The Nicor
    1x Vernerable BB Styx
    7x Strike Cruiser SM
    3x Nova SM
    6x Gladius SM
    14x Hunter SM

    Picture 2 shows my Eldar Fleet (in Orange)
    2x Void Satlker
    1x Made-up Eldar BCH
    2x Dragon Ship
    7x Shadow
    4x Eclipse
    4x Wraith Ship
    2x Aurora
    2x Solaris
    17x Hellbore
    7x Aconite
    31x Nightshade
    18x Hemlock

    Picture 3 shows my Tyranid Fleet (in Green)
    mostly scratchbuild I admit.
    8x Hiveship
    5x Heavy Tyranid Cruiser
    1x Razorfiend
    7x Light Tyranid Cruiser
    66x Various Escorts

    Picture 4 Shows my Chaos Fleet (various colors)
    1x Planetkiller
    5x Desolator
    8x Despoiler
    1x Space Hulk
    1x Chaos Battle Barge
    3x Repulsive
    3x Vengance
    1x Night Hag
    7x Styx
    4x Hades
    3x Heretic
    4x Hecate
    1x Acheron
    15x Devastation
    4x Murder
    8x Carnage
    11x Slaughter
    4x Chaos Strike Cruiser
    18x Idolator
    25x Infidel
    21x Iconoclast

    That's the complete List so far. Keep in Mind some ships are still in the making and do not appear on the pictures
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Fleet_Pic_01_Imperium_Black.jpg 
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Name:	Fleet_Pic_02_Eldar_Orange.jpg 
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Name:	Fleet_Pic_03_Tyranids_Green.jpg 
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Name:	Fleet_Pic_04_Chaos_Various.jpg 
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Name:	Fleet_Pic_05_Imperium_White.jpg 
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