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    Re: Warhammer Legends - A Cambridge Store Campaign

    Week 2 - Defence 1

    Minutes after dispatching the skaven, claiming more victory points for my surprisingly large stash, I was challenged by another druchii player. His army is really a highly mobile elven scouting force, relying on speed and multiple strength three attacks to dispatch his foes. It is also beautifully converted, putting my lovingly assembled and painted force to shame. The best example of this is his unit of shades, which are converted from corsairs, and assembled as a raiding party breaching the gate way from the graveyard set. Really beautiful stuff. He has a plog on, which I've linked below, and is well worth a look!

    On top of the lovely army my opponent was a gentleman to play (as all have been so far), we had a fun game, and his knowledge of the rules put me to shame! Anyway, this would be my first defence of a raid, and it seemed right that I should be repelling a druchii warband, jealous of my early successes…

    The Druchii Raiders

    Sorceress – Level 1 Lore of Death Riding a Dark Pegasus
    5 Harpies
    5 Harpies
    14 Corsairs with Repeater hand bows
    6 Dark Riders with Repeater Crossbows
    6 Shades with additional hand weapons


    Morgan was uneasy. There was a taste in the air and a tension in her core. Her witch-sight revealed strange eddies of magical energy around her. She had last expended her powers to roast those plague ridden rat-beasts. She had taken great pleasure in their destruction, but more in her own return to power after the ‘beastman incident’. But that had been hours ago, and miles away – they had just returned to their marshland territory after a long march from the plague lands. No - the magical turmoil could not be a consequence of her own powers. There was a conduit for powerful dark magic close at hand. That meant one thing - they were being stalked by their own kind.

    Haldariakh had taken great pleasure in the news. If his own kind wanted him dead, it meant he had been noticed. It meant he mattered, and his deeds would soon reach the attention of the Witch-King. None-the-less he proved disinclined to heed the warnings of his scouts. They had spied the enemy forces, which appeared to be a typical assassination force lead by a single Sorceress. It was only Morgan’s warning that Heatsbane of house Har Gul, a powerful practitioner of Death magic, approached that convinced Haldaraikh to hold his headlong charge to glory.

    Now Morgan surveyed the forces around her, arrayed on a hill overlooking the enemy’s best line of approach. The majority of her forces held their ground, waiting for the assassins to reveal themselves. Only the knights advanced along the left flank, trying to force them from cover. Morgan concentrated her power hoping to conjure a burning cage around the first enemy formation she glimpsed. A unit of dark riders were her unfortunate victims, trapped as they attempted a rapid redeployment to their left flank. The momentum of their dark steeds proved too great, and five were killed by fire and quarrel as they advanced rapidly into the face of the Tower Guard. The rest of the enemy forces moved up, placing a wood and tower between themselves and the warriors of Nauglir Crevasse.

    The lone surviving dark rider fired on the tower guard as he hurtled towards them. His shots were unnervingly accurate, felling two elves with his deadly volley. The loss of more of his loyal guard, many of which were still nursing severe and plague infested wounds, enraged Haldariak. Morgan sensed his fury and looked on in frustration as he spurred Sayeh forward, diving from a great height towards the insolent elf. She watched with growing trepidation as the rider fled towards the enemy centre, luring their enraged leader closer to the death-witch. Moments before Haldariakh crashed into the unfortunate horse, the elf leapt from his steed, flashing a smile back towards Morgan before he vanished into the undergrowth. Despite her Master’s peril Morgan felt a moment of amusement, and even attraction, to the roguish rider. He was clearly highly skilled, likely an assassin hidden amongst the enemy’s vanguard. He may have failed to slay Haldariakh outright, but the Lord of Nauglir Crevasse was in serious peril thanks to his efforts, and his best chance for help, the pack of cold one knights – had temporarily lost control of their steeds.

    It was now that Heartsbane made her move. Morgan felt a huge swell of magical power, and saw the winds focus on a point beyond the tree line. Haldariakh remained blissfully unaware, and, believing his enemy vanquished, allowed Sayeh to stomp the unfortunate beast beneath her into the ground. Morgan focussed all of her energy – Heartsbane was attempting to channel the wrath of the Trickster God: if successful she would slay Haldariakh instantly. Digging deep into her reserves of power, and remembering all of Kalathai’s harsh lessons, Morgan managed to snuff out the spell moments before it hit the oblivious Master. Disaster had been averted for now…

    Weakend, Morgan managed to give a brief nod to Draichon, before launching herself forward, followed sluggishly by the Tower Guard. She must get a glimpse of her foe. She saw Draichon’s warriors storm the tower as ordered. A few elves fell to the withering fire of a band of shades that had taken residence there. Ahead the knights had regained control of their beasts, and launched an assault into a band of corsair raiders, supported by Haldariakh himself. Morgan pressed on, already forming a burning missile in her hands. As she cleared the side of the wood the winged steed of her foe became visible. Throwing her arms forward as if to strike an enemy, a sphere of burning death leapt from her hands towards the witch. Morgan stumbled in her haste, and momentarily lost focus. The sphere inflated to monstrous proportions, before engulfing Heatsbane and her steed. Having channelled the excess energies into the earth, Morgan lifted her head to witness the deliciously charred remains of her foe, and the flocks of harpies fleeing form the destruction that she wrought.


    Morgan looked back on the moment of her victory with great pleasure. The battle had been won in that moment. Of course the corsairs had been driven off by the charge of the Master and his elite troops, and Draichon’s warriors had secured the tower against a band of shades, but it was the death of the Sorceress that had broken the enemy morale and secured their lands. Even Haldariakh had felt the magical attack that she had prevented, and could not fail to be impressed with the scorched Pegasus skull with which she had presented him. Her worth to the Master had truly been established.


    It is worth noting that this game had some awesome moments. The lone survivor of the dark riders slaying an elf with both of his shots, before luring my master into the sorceresses sights (we agreed that he had to be an assassin). Then, to my dismay, my opponent rolled double 6 for his magic phase – all 12 dice were used to cast the Fate of Bjuna. My master is a dead duck as far as we are all concerned. Of course, my opponent then fails to roll a single 6, and I come up with two, dispelling the spell irresistibly and saving Haldariakh. To add injury to insult (this way round is far more appropriate) I then go on to miscast my own giant fireball at the enemy mage, slaying her out right. My unfortunate opponent then rolls a one to wound my sorceress and she survives (a previous miscast having wounded her) to fight on and kill the rest of his shades. My Cold Ones did spend three turns stupidly running off to the far side of the boards, but most of these were at the end of the game, after my foes were mostly driven off. I really have had great luck so far in the campaign and I feel a hideous trouncing is around the corner. I hope I can remember all my highs so far and take it as graciously as my opponents have up to this point!

    Thanks for reading, please do comment as advice and encouragement is appreciated!

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