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Thread: Tendrils of the Kraken - a Classic Tyranids Log

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    Tendrils of the Kraken - a Classic Tyranids Log


    Hello fellow Warseer peeps.

    Because I'm mad, I've decided that I need a Tyranid army. And because I already own three Advanced Space Crusade Tyranid Warriors, I might as well make the whole army out of pre-3rd edition models.
    What? That's not weird.
    Ok, it's a little weird.

    Anyway, dubious logic aside, here's some models:

    My first three Warriors in more-or-less 2nd edition Kraken colours (yay, red period!)

    They're pretty goofy (and it seems that the sculptor just didn't bother giving them proper teeth on the lower jaw), but I kind of like 'em.

    My first Termagants, in matching red.
    Who's a cute little 'gant then? Yes you are. Goochy-goochy-goo.

    And as it happens, I also had a few Genestealers (Space Crusade and 2nd edition) gathered while I was making my Genestealer Cult; so I should be able to avoid painting any more of those for the time being.

    And some work in progress:

    More Bonesword/Rending Claw Warriors

    A collection of models which I've been able to gather from eBay, which want starting. Ah, teeny-tiny Hive Tyrant.

    ...and my Box of Pain where models live before I get around to stripping/building them. Ouch.

    I've got more Warriors, Lictors, a couple of Screamer Killer 'fexes and a Biovore on their way too.
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