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Thread: mines bigger than yours

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    mines bigger than yours

    but is it too big?

    after a nightmare regarding getting hold of the right right handed powerfist (lost in post etc) i ordered another one and it arrived today, not on monday when i could have got some real work done on this model
    what i am after is opinions on the length of the spear? is it too long? if yes by a lot or a little?
    sorry for many pics on the same thing but wanted you to get a couple of different views so the length could be considered. cheers

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    Re: mines bigger than yours

    I think the spear length looks about right.
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    Re: mines bigger than yours

    thanks for your opinion, across the forums i visit there has been a definite lean towards it being too long, i guess i kind've thought that anyway hence the topic. i am going to trim it a little, maybe a quarter off of each end and hopefully that will be it and time for pinning etc.

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