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Thread: Warmaster Scale and Questions from the FNG

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    Warmaster Scale and Questions from the FNG


    A friend of mine is going to be getting into Warmaster in a few months and I'm planning on joining him as well as trying to get other friends into that scale for fantasy and historical. I do have a few questions, however, before I invest.

    Can WM work with 6mm figures instead of 10mm? After looking around I find that I like the smaller scale for the grand visual effect. (Turns out that it can. This is good.)

    Are the WM Ancients rules still available somewhere? Or should i start trolling eBay? (Found some on Amazon.)

    What sized bases are used for the game? (It looks like people are using 20mm by 40mm bases. Is this accurate?)

    Can an English Civil War period army also be made to represent an Empire force? (I managed to look at a revised version of the Warmaster Empire list. Yes, I could manage this without too much trouble.)
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