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    Release schedule rumors

    I remember there being a thread for this before that Harry/Hastings had either set up or commented on, I cannot find it do I thought that I would post this on here for news /discussion. I have nothing on this except what I have taken from Faeit 212, who had it from Bols.

    Thanks to Hastings and others for contributing to this:-

    Dates---take dates below as being the month AFTER the WD release (Eg, HE available end of April Pre-order---on sale May)

    **updated May 2013**

    Obviously this list is now halfway through. HE are here which means all things point to 2months of non fantasy. Roll on August!

    On lizard men bigger monsters being old or new
    Quote Originally Posted by 75hastings69 View Post

    (Words for the.... etc.)
    20/04/13 --- Eldar now majorly rumoured to be June release. List updated to include BloodBowl September, Lizardmen in August with space marines in October. November still trying to find posts to update that.

    02/03/13-- new eldar rumours still confirming release this year.

    18/2/13-- HE strong rumours of May ,pre-orders in April

    12/2/13 - apocalypse update pretty much guaranteed for summer release. Moved Lozards to a more reasonable release slot. Ive got Tau rumors all over the place but I would assume after Daemons they may go for a straight 40K release. When I know more I will inform you.

    JAN: Dark Angels
    FEB: WoC / flyer book rules
    MAR: Daemons 1st wave (books/some models)
    APR: Tau
    MAY: HE
    JUN: Eldar
    JUL: 40k Apocalypse update
    AUG: Lizardmen
    SEP: Bloodbowl
    OCT: Space Marines
    NOV: Fantasy army release (likely DE)
    DEC: Hobbit

    Now, as usual, these things tend to get more speculative as you go outwards in time, but overall these line up with what we've been hearing from a variety of chatter. *We've been hearing for a while that the "Mystery Box" is a fully revamped Blood Bowl.*

    40k wise the word is both Tau and Eldar before the end of the year.
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