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    New FAQ's

    Dark Angels,
    Dark Eldar,

    * Initiatives can never be lowered below 1 and not other characteristic can be lowered below 0.If you
    * Model takes a wound and it has an Inv Save it can ALWAYS take it. Key words are 'if it takes a wound' vs removed from the table.
    * Wounds caused by weapons with blast special rules create their own wound pool.
    * Blind does not affect units without an initiative.
    * Second shooting attacks from Split fire cannot target units forced to disembark from the same units first shooting attacks.
    * Special rules that allow units to be moved out reserve, after deployment but before the game begins, cannot be used on fliers.
    * A Hover type must declare if it’s hovering or zooming before it moves or embarks/disembarks models.
    * Only non-vehicle models in base contact with Gun Emplacements can man them.
    * Allies of Convenience cannot be charged, shot, targeted with psychic powers or have templates or blast markers placed over them (unless it scatters on them). They are treated as ‘Friendly units’.
    * Models cannot move through friendly models unless stated in the rules (ie jetbikes)
    * Being ‘removed from play’ counts as ‘removed as a casualty’.
    * A model with the Swarm special rule and wounded by an instant death blast only has one model removed and not doubled to two.
    * Models can move Turbo-Boost or move flat out on the turn they arrived by Deep Strike.
    * Gunslinger does not manifest two separate Witchfire powers.
    * Suffers the effects of a Crew Shaken, Crew Stunned, Weapon Destroyed or Immobilised does not remove a HP unless the vehicle suffered a Glancing or Penetrating hit, or some other effect that specifies that a Hull Point is lost.
    * A transport cannot move Flat Out if the embarked unit shoots from it.
    * A zooming flier cannot be repaired by a model unless it is embarked on it.
    * Models can choose to direct attacks at the chariot instead of the rider.
    * Heavy Vehicle rule takes precedence over Deep Striking rule for shooting.
    * If a model has a Warlord trait and is not your warlord, then you cannot use its warlord trait.
    * Attacks, wargear and special rules that automatically affect enemy units also affect Allies of Convenience.
    * “If a Fortification's weapons are using manual fire, their firers must target the same unit (unless the firing unit has the Split Fire specialrule). If a Fortification's weapons use automated fire, each weapon must target the nearest enemy unit within range and line of sight. This may result in the same Fortification targeting more than one enemy unit in the same Shooting phase.”
    *If two players have special rules or effects that occur at exactly the same time before the game both effects occur simultaneously – roll a dice for which effect occurs first as per ‘The Most Important Rule’ on page 4 of the BRB.
    *Fortification do not count towards victories.

    Chaos Deamons:
    *Limited what Daemon of Khorne’s can take
    *Clarification to Heralds taking chariots? (I don’t have the codex so I don’t know if there is really an impact)

    Chaos Space Marines:
    * Obliterators, Obliterator Weapons - Change the final sentence to “An Obliterator unit cannot choose to fire the same weapon in two consecutive shooting attacks”.
    * Abaddon the Despoiler, Mark of Chaos Ascendent - Add the following sentence “If Abaddon rolls Spawnhood or Dark Apotheosis on the Chaos Boon Table,re-roll this result (and any further results of the same). The Despoileris not meant for Daemonhood just yet!”
    * A model that rolls Spawnhood or Dark Apotheosis on the Chaos Boon
    Table, does not retain the effects of any Chaos Boon Table rolls that have
    been applied to it so far during the game.
    * A Helbrute that is already Immobilised and rolls Fire Frenzy does not lose an additional Hull Point.
    * A model equipped with the Scrolls of Magnus that does not
    begin the game as a Psyker, is considered to have become a Psyker once
    they acquire one or more additional psychic powers from the scrolls; the model has the Psyker rule from that point onward, and is considered to have Mastery Level 1.

    Dark Angels:
    *Courage of the Lion Change rule to “The Warlord, and all friendly units chosen from Codex: Dark Angels within 12” of him, roll an additional dice when taking Leadership tests (except Psychic tests), discarding the highest”
    * Stasis Anomaly - Change to read “Every model in a unit hit by one or more weapons with this special rule suffers a -1 penalty to their Weapon Skill and Initiative, to a minimum of 1, until the end of the turn.”
    * Vast Stasis Anomaly - Change to read “Every model in a unit hit by one or more weapons with this special rule suffers a -3 penalty to its Weapon Skill and Initiative, to a minimum of 1, until the end of the turn. This replaces any penalty inflicted on a target by a Stasis Anomaly (see left).”
    *Power Field Generator - Add “If the bearer is embarked upon a Transport vehicle, the powerfield’s effects only apply to models embarked upon that vehicle”.
    !!Didn't finish reviewing....

    Dark Eldar:
    * Lilith’s ignore armor save attacks apply only to CC.
    * Wounds caused by bladevanes, cluster caltrops and / or grav-talon attacks use the final position of the Reaver Jetbikes’ final position
    *Mindwar allows LOS and Cover Saves

    Grey Knights:
    * Grey Knight Grand Masters, Grand Strategy Change the second sentence to “Roll a D3 and choose that many friendly Infantry, Jump Infantry, Monstrous Creature or Walker units in your army chosen from Codex: Grey Knights (but not models with the Independent Character special rule, Inquisitorial Henchmen Warbands or Grand Master Mordrak’s unit of Ghost Knights).”

    Imperial Guard:
    * Valkyrie Assault Carrier – Scout Remove Scout from the Special Rules section of both the Bestiary and Army List entries for the Valkyrie Assault Carrier and Vendetta Gunship.
    * Other Equipment, Camo Cloak Replace the second paragraph with “A model wearing a camo cloak adds +1 to its cover save”
    * A Psyker Battle Squad is Mastery Level 1.
    * If an Imperial Guard army includes both Captain Al’Rahem and Commander Chenkov, and a unit of Conscripts that is part of Al’Rahem’s Infantry Platoon has purchased Commander Chenkov’s ‘Send in the Next Wave’ upgrade, neither the Outflank as per Captain Al’Rahem’s ‘Stalk the Enemy’ or move on from the player’s board edge, as per Commander Chenkov’s ‘Send in the Next Wave’ takes precedence – therefore simply roll a dice for which rule applies as per ‘The Most Important Rule’ on page 4 of the BRB.

    * Monolith, Dimensional Corridor - Add “Note that a Monolith can use its Dimensional Corridor on a turn that it deploys by Deep Strike.” to the end of the rule.
    * Vargard Obyron, The Vargard’s Duty - Change the first sentence to “When Obyron uses his Ghostwalk Mantle, so long as he and Nemesor Zahndrekh are not currently part of the same unit, he does not scatter providing he aims to arrive within 6” of Zahndrekh.”
    * Enemy Zooming Flyers and Swooping Flying Monstrous Creatures can be hit by Imotekh the Stormlord’s ‘Lord of the Storm’ special rule.
    A: Yes.

    * Weirdboyz can't use zzap on flyiers or flying MC
    * Bigbomms have to be placed on models Deffkopta fly over
    * Zogwort gets to rerolling if he gets a shooting power but keeps the second result, even if it's zzap.

    Space Marines:
    * Drop Pods and the units embarked upon them are to be considered as entering play from Reserves when deploying using the Drop Pod Assault special rule. Aside from the exceptions specified by the Drop Pod Assault special rule, these units are considered to be entering play from Reserves as normal, meaning, for example, that models benefitting from the Interceptor special rule may use this to make Shooting attacks at a newly arrived Drop Pod or the squad that has disembarked from it.

    *A Crisis Suits can take three of the same weapons (not twin-linked).
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