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    Artemis Conversion

    I havent posted in this forum yet but thought this would be relevant here. i made this guy and painted him some years ago and used him in numerous games, his name is brother IAXION of the SWORDS OF TERRA. He has a techmarine brother who is a work in progress, ill get shots of him later. i didnt have the filter on my camera so the tungsten lighting messed the color some. looks like he use a paint touchup regardless.

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    Re: Artemis Conversion

    heres the techmarine, work in progress #1987452. i cut out his left pauldron guard into a gear cog. his bolt pistol is laying next to him. going to add sectioned armour like the new MKIII marines. originally i wanted him to look something like the old black and white pics of the iron hands marines, he has a bionic right leg and right arm and right eye. bass guitar strings will make the tubing and i used brass tube and steel rod to make actuators/servos. insert the steel rod into the brass tube, trim both ends in equal lengths and it looks like a hydraulic piston. lots of fun. those have yet to be installed but are already made so this guy is actually close to done. just need to make his left hand power axe.

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    Re: Artemis Conversion

    A nice start on the Techmarine there. It would be good to see a shot of the cog pauldron. Will it have an Opus Machina on it too?

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    Re: Artemis Conversion

    yes i ground the =I= off it so its just smooth now. i need to get some forge world mechanicus etched brass to add the opus machina to it. i thought i had an axe started but aparently not, as i cant find it if i did. plasticard cut out like a gear cog then ran through a knife sharpener to add an edge to it. add a haft of brass rod in the appropriate size with some added cabling and a few 40k bits should do it. ill have to remake the power pack with a servo arm. i dont think i will do a full servo harness that would probably be ungainly. i did also realize i have all the bits to make a skitarii. there are enough peices of power armour and delphin gruss parts to make a cool model.

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