A Holy Work – The Three Hives Rebellion

Being an account of the Secession of Aren Prime and the interventions of the Iron Talons Adeptus Astartes therein.

“When they told us the Astartes were coming, that the Astartes would be fighting alongside us, we rejoiced. How could we not? The famed Astartes, warrior-knights of legend clad in polished steel, magnificent and terrible in their wrath. How blessed we were, to bear witness to their holy retribution?
When the Talons arrived, we swiftly realised just how foolish we had been and how quickly our dreams would fade.”

First Captain Morlan Assant, 3rd platoon 131st Malaz Heavy Infantry. Acting field commander following the Namas Highway Incident, Aren Prime Secession.

“They told us that we had wounded the xeno-beast immeasurably. They told us that our Chapter had been wounded almost to death in return. They told us that to stay was to see the end of our Chapter and our glory. All of this is true. All of this is lies.
We have been taken from the place of our glory and scattered across the Imperium in the name of preservation and recuperation. My brothers and I have been tasked with bringing this sole lonely world back into the arms of the Emperor. This is work for the Guard, not for my brothers and I. The sons of the 5th will not remove their helms to let the people of this world see the shame in their eyes.
They tell us that this is holy work. They tell us that we are needed here. They tell us that we will not die here and will not die in ignominy. All of this is true. All of this is lies.”

Praetor Corvin Varras, 5th Blade of the Iron Talon Adeptus Astartes.

Pict-cap of Praetor Varras, rumoured post Namas Highway Incident. Source unknown