This is a personal tirade, to vent what has been bothering me for too long. Undead of non-human nature.

This includes clans of vampiric skaven, every second undead players fluff which includes a lizardman/dark elf/snotling being bitten by a vampire in its death throes and becoming an 'insta-get' by the next morning.

It really grinds my gears when I see the cursed company, and undead orcs and undead saurus. I understand warhammer is an avenue of creativity, but despite this I'm still going to give my two cents on this topic. I sum this up in three key points.

- The curse of vampirism is a human disease. It unleashes the dark and bestial side of humanity. No other races are afflicted by this. The only other race I can see being susceptible to this curse may be the elves, because of their similar desires and character faults.

- Thralls and gets is a long ritual process. It's like adopting a kid and raising him as your own. Vampires do not go out biting everything on the battlefield and making them all vampires. Vampirism is a coveted power amongst their kind, not shared easily. The Genevieve novels are testament to this, but not the only source (See the Inheritance etc).

- Necromancers and vampires only raise human skeletons and zombies because they see the winds of death as a sea of human souls. For whatever reason, only human undead answer the call of their masters. Dead lizardmen, skaven, orcs etc. simply do not/cannot answer. This also explains why necromancy does not summon roadkill, dead cattle or even dead plants. Simply put, humans can tap into the psychic energy and projections of other dead humans.

Well that's my opinion. For me, it clears up all the 'what if and why not' questions regarding undead.