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Thread: Converted Warmaster (10mm) Pump Wagon and Doom Diver

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    Converted Warmaster (10mm) Pump Wagon and Doom Diver

    As there's never enough Warmaster stuff on here let alone warmaster conversions heres some bits I've been working on. These came about after reading the Goblin List in one of the old Warmags.

    These are all 10mm scale.

    2 Pump Wagons pretty much completed. I combined the look of the current warhammer pump wagon with elements of the old one and some of my own creative licence as well as having to consider placing goblin crew on it. The crew will be added later I'll be using several of the wolf chariot crew - it'll have to be gobbos as there are no warmaster scale snotlings.

    I sculpted the Diver first to see if it could be done and when I was happy with that I made the doom diver frames themselves. These are still WIP at the moment they need some details sculpted in greenstuff and I have to order some Orc and Goblin crew packs. I've made up 4 to make 2 units.

    I also have some spear chukkas converted but they're not far enough along to photograph yet.

    UPDATE: heres one finished spear chukka

    All Comments welcome as always.
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