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    Decoys Review Thread

    Ok, So I've written a few reviews for board games in the past, and I plan to keep writing them (I mainly write them to help people decide in my local shop what they might enjoy), So Ill be posting them in this thread.

    My review style revolves around explaining how to play the game, as Without knowing how the mechanics work, you cant really make an informed decision, as well as how I feel they interact with each other, and finally how complicated the game is to teach to new players.

    I also will Classify each game to make it easier for you to understand what each game will be like, a full glossery to come:

    Ameritrash: Generally good components, the theme makes the game, generally has mechanics around dice rolling where player interaction is generally about impeding other players through direct conflict.
    Multiplayer Solo: Although the game is designed to be played with multiple people, It generally equates to each player playing solitaire in their own little area with little player interaction, they often suffer from best move syndrome whereby there is always a best move making games somewhat predictable.
    Resource management: The game's main mechanics focus on making sure you have the right combinations of the games currency's.
    Bitchy: The game Mainly revolves around directly disadvantaging the other players.
    Co-operative: The game's players will either win or lose as a team, generally working against a game clock, they often suffer from comity syndrome, whereby each player's actions generally get dictated by what the group sees as most beneficial
    Semi Co-operative: The game involves players working towards a common goal, but some players may either be traitors or one particular player may be declared the winner, Either way the game will suffer less from comity syndrome (generally), where players would be more inclined to play for their own gain.
    Euro: Generally suffers from being "multiplayer solo" heavy, and being more about risk mitigation. The games theme generally has no impact on the mechanics and also tend to use wooden meeples, playing cards and cardboard chits instead of miniatures and rolling dice.
    Worker Placement: The game involves using pawns to take the most advantageous areas of the boards, usually denying other players from valuable resources.
    Bridging: Games that tend to be easier to learn, with intuitive mechanics that are easy to teach to new players to help them bridge the gap from say monopoly and scrabble over to more specialized games.
    Player Balancing: The game's balance sorely depends on the losing players beating down on the winning player in order to keep balance, if the losers don't co-operate to stop the winner, generally the winner cannot be stopped.
    Meta: The games strategy will be affected over several sessions, whereby you can make plans based on your opponents established behavior from previous sessions or other games.
    Wargame: The game involves 2 or more opposing army's vying for control of the map.
    Racing: The game is literally a race, whereby the player who achieves the goal the fastest is the winner.
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