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Thread: Ascending to Infinity

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    Ascending to Infinity

    Lately I have been a) listening to this: , b) painting a few Infinity miniatures and c) building terrain to go with them.
    Edit: Also, some Malifaux from page 13 on (Hey, this IS the random plog section )

    This is the miniature that started this all. Got it from a friend who bought the Yu Jing-Starterset. As the arm holding the shotgun was missing, he kindly replaced it with one from a Celestial Guard (he didn't need both minis apparently).

    She'll be my lieutenant, therefore I tried to add a few japanese kanji to her scabbard later on:

    Pictures are a bit 'meh'. I need a new camera
    Edit: I have a new camera. I will try to replace the old pics over time

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