Tyranid Warriors WIP

Put some more paint on the Warriors last night. This unit is nearly finished now; just a bit of touching up and some fake snow on the base then job's a good'un. 'Nids are proving almost as quick to paint as the Daemons!

I had to wrack my brains for a while about what colour to do the death spitters. They were a sort of bronzed flesh colour in my original army, but I've always liked the light green/rotting flesh colour for them too. However I ended up going with purple! This was because if/when I include Genestealers in the army I'll want to paint them in the traditional blue and purple, so I thought it'd be a good idea to include some blue and purple elsewhere in my colour scheme to tie the army together a bit more. So all bio-guns will be purple and all bone swords will be blue.

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@Bob: I weep tears of joy that you`re going for a vintage nid army! Really like the colour scheme, will look great on winter themed terrain
Cheers, yes I'm hoping for a good contrast with all that snow.