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Great to see a new plog up and running so fast after the previous one was concluded
Yeah, we're pretty fired up about this one. Wait until you see Lord Blood's fantastic Helbrute, and Lucifer216's Word Bearers. Really gorgeous – I can't wait to get some games in.

@Apologist: The guardsmen look great but the Eldar look fantastic, can`t wait to see more xenos from you!
Thanks! I've got some ideas for conversion work on the Eldar, I'm going for a very small, elite army; which I think fits in nicely with the Iyanden background.

Tyranids are looking lovely, Bob_Hunk – that classic scheme means there'll be a lot of red-on-red action between the various forces.
The deathspitters look good in purple – perhaps you could paint the 'gonad-magazines' on the underside in Bronzed or Rotting Flesh?

As I was digging out my Steel Legion and Eldar, models I had a look through Advanced Space Crusade, and the Tyranid markings. Have you considered adding some details in an accent colour to help distinguish the broods? Some splotches, lines or dots would help add some detail to those cool old models, and might be a good way to introduce some dark blue to tie things in with the genestealers. If that works, you could add complementary red markings to the 'stealers.