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Thread: The PCRC presents: Cold Feet on Frigia

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    Re: The PCRC presents: Cold Feet on Frigia

    Hi all,

    For this campaign, I'm significantly expanding my Word Bearers and associated hangers-on.

    After the disastrous attempt to take the Borus Gate, Marduk has taken his Host deep into the Antona Australis sector in search of occult lore. Their passage has been made easier by the opening of the Cursus on Shale and the 34th Host has received unlikely reinforcements from the pestilent Death Guard, for only Marduk and his loyal warriors did not escape from the Garden of Nurgle without making certain unwholesome pacts with the Father of Decay. The incident has failed to dent Marduk's rising ambition and for him, it is no longer enough for daemons of the lesser choirs to bend the knee. He seeks to bind one of the mightiest servants of Chaos to his will, one who has crossed paths with his Darkling Father and whose fate and that of the Bearers of the Word are irrecoverably bound...

    If you're interested in seeing the army as it currently stands, please check out my blog here All new models/WIPs will go in this thread, until the campaign is completed, then I'll update my old thread.

    Here's a list of what I am looking to do/paint for this campaign.

    Add modelled snow to the bases of my entire army

    Word Bearers
    Marduk in Terminator Armour
    23 Chaos Terminators
    Word Bearer Havocs with autocannons
    15 Word Bearers on daemonic horses (bikes counts-as)
    10 Khorne-Beserker Proxies
    1 Kharn-Proxy
    1 Chaos Sorceror
    1 Chaos Lord
    20 Cultists
    1 Helldrake
    1 Maulerfiend

    10 Bloodletters
    20 Daemonettes
    20 Plaguebearers
    20 Pink Horrors
    6+ Nurgling bases
    3 Plague Drones
    6 Screamers of Tzeentch
    6 Flamers of Tzeentch
    Burning Chariot (Exalted Flamer)
    1 Bloodthirster
    1 Herald of Khorne
    2 Heralds of Nurgle
    1 Herald of Slaanesh
    1 Herald of Tzeetch on Disc
    +++Censored by order of the Ordo Malleus - Daemonium Extremis +++

    [Death Guard]
    30 Plague Marines
    5 Plague Marines on bikes
    2 Rhinos in Deathguard Scheme
    5 Death Guard Terminators
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