Eldar on Frigia
A minor update I haven't had much time to do much beyond building Guardians (awaiting some extra bits) and digging stuff out of storage. Here's a group of pathfinders. The first couple of pictures are just standard models, a mix of resin and metal.

I'm quite tempted to replace the chap on the right's shuriken pistol with a simply gesturing finger. What do you think?

A touch more exciting. From left to right: my colour tester model, the mail order direct pathfinder, and a pathfinder with a head swap to help reduce the duplication in the unit.

Here's a closer look at the colour tester model. I've used fairly pastel colours on his armour, as I didn't want the yellow to be as strident as (say) the Imperial Fists. However, in concert with the light overcoat/robe thing and light gun, he's not looking all that striking. I'm tempted to redo the overcoat/robe in a brown colour to add some contrast, but can't decide. What do you reckon?

Finally, here's Kelmonyr, the Autarch leading the fleet Incommensurate Requital on the hunt for the Tyranids.

I'm very tempted to give him a power maul rather than a sword, but haven't come up with anything particularly appropriate yet.


In other news, we've got a new member of the PCRC joining in with Sisters of Battle. Doubtless he'll be introducing himself in a week or so when he's finished moving house.