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Thread: The PCRC presents: Cold Feet on Frigia

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    Re: The PCRC presents: Cold Feet on Frigia

    The Fate of Frigia

    Part 1 - A Cold Reception

    Mighty armies clash and the final battle to decide the fate of Frigia begins at the gates of Capital Ravine Golosc!

    Scenario: Custom Nine-Player Apocalypse scenario. Loose teams of two and a single team of one. Each player has their own multiple secret objectives, worth a maximum of 25VPs each.

    Factions: Sisters of Battle & Word Bearers, Space Wolves & Carcharodons, Tyranids & Orks, Iyanden Eldar & Farsight Enclave Tau and Night Lords.


    The Tyranids approach the Ravine from the south in a great swarm. Any land entirely under Tyranid control soon succumbs to Tyranno-forming, giving birth to spawning pools and a hideous red weed.

    Governer Demetrius leads his loyal Hybrid followers.

    A Carnifex Crusher brood tramples its way across the broken ice field.

    Rangers take up position to the east in a copse of trees overlooking the defences. The Eldar are here to ensure no Xenos or Daemon enter the Ravine, and to claim the head of the Hive Tyrant 'Old Growler' as a small measure of revenge for Iyanden.

    Broadsides take up position near their Eldar allies, ready to cover the Governess and her extraction team when they reach the surface. Only Sibley has the authority to accept the Brightsword Protectorate's offer of a place for Frigia within the Greater Good. Could an Imperial Commander stomach such heresy, even to save her people...?

    The first wave of Space Wolves close in on the outer defences. They have an uneasy alliance with the Carcharodons and a plan to rescue the population of Frigia from the oppressive rules of the mistrusted Ecclessiarchy task force.

    Orks Orks Orks Orks! The noted kleptomaniac Bad Moon Warboss Snazgutz leads his boyz towards the Ravine. He has a non-aggression pact with the Church of the Four Armed Emperor; Snazgutz can take as much loot and gubbinz from the Ravine as he likes, while the Genestealer Cult with keep the territory and population...

    The Sisters of Battle from the Order of the Unvanquished Night man (woman?) the defences. Desperate for aid to ward off Xenos and (in their eyes unwarranted) Astartes aggression, they have accepted aid from the Word Bearers. Marduk of the Word Bearers has assured the Canonness that he is loyal to the Emperor, and with his daemonic allies currently hidden from sight, the Sisters have cautiously accepted.

    Tomorrow: Part 2 - Enemies at the Gates
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