It had been more years than he cared to remember that Warlock Ratik Gnawleg looked on the old dingy tunnel which led to his Clan Leader's hole. He vowed then never to return to those pathtic tunnels. How naive he was. How little did he know of the power which was for him to take. Only now, only after years of following in the footsteps of ancient Kin amongst the wilds far and wide, did he know what he could achieve.

A dim light guided him towards the entrance. It was even shabbier than he remembered. He reached up for a small phial hanging from his halberd as he approached the opening and drank a few drops. Skulls and heads hanging from his belt and backpack clunked dully in the low tunnel. He could now hear the high pitched squeeks of his Kin. Looking in, there was a large table covered in scraps of decomposing food. At one end of the long room, he saw a group of shabby rats that could barely be distinguished from the slaves hanging around by the entrance, waiting for instruction. Ratik had grown, by methods both natural and not, since last in this room and it seemed small to him as he walked up to the table. It took a few moments for anyone to notice him, but notice him they did.

A hiss errupted from them and several immediately launched themselves at him, squealing and spitting as they came, pulling all kinds of knives and daggers from under ragged clothes. Before any coud reach him, Ratik burnt three with a flash of warplightning, another fell to a quick shot from his pistol and the last froze in shock as he scrabbled along the table. Behind Ratik lumbered an enormous creature. Red eyes flashing, the dim light reflected against enormous horns, thick arms and a large, rat-size axe. Ratik waved a paw to the beast and without hesitation it charged, a gutteral raor errupting from its hedious mouth. In moments five more Kin lay in bloody heaps as the others ran for cover. Ratik waved again.

Now silent, the beast sat on the floor hugging his axe.

In the gloom, Ratik walked forward and reached a groupd of covering rats, "Clan Leader Mosrik, I am here to pull Clan Hostis from obscurity.' Without another breath, he pushed his halberd through the Clan Leader who made a slight whimper before falling silent.

Ratik turned to the beast crouching on the floor and barked at him, 'Bring the others in here.'

Warlock Ratik Gnawleg has returned from long travels in lands unknown to his small clan on the fringes of Skavenblight. With him he has brought all manner of creatures in his service and, somehow, under his contorl. He has learnt of arts which were discovered by the mighty Clans Pestilens and Eshin; but he has also learnt of things which were overlooked by the wondering Clans. He brings back this knowledge, combined with his ingenuity and intelligence to drag his poor Clan from obscurity and make it the greatest in the Under Empire.


On the back of this I'm making a new 2,000 point army. I have some of the bits and peices already, but I'll put them up as the story unfolds.

First, however, I need my warlock (appropriately converted with all sorts of bits) and 'beast' - both of which I'm in the process of making & will put up when I'm done.