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No, it is stated I the council of elrond that the Valar would never accept the ring. It was of middle earth and middle earth had to deal with it, not the west. Sending the istari to ME to oppose Sauron wax the most the Valar were willing to do, and the implication was that even that was bending the rules a bit.
I cant honestly remember who says that-if it was Elrond then he`s just an Elf so doesnt know what he`s talking about-if it was Gandalf then the comment still doesnt really hold water as the Istari were sent to intervene rather than the Valar launch an all out attack because of the damage to the world caused in the war of wrath, if Sauron and even the nine had been reduced to a low level of power as i stated above then there would be no one of any power to fight the powers if they came to middle earth to destroy the ring. So they could come to the ring or it could be taken to them or the council/Istari could take it to mount doom-who would be left to stop them?