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    Reign of Chaos - Daemons Tactica

    The time for the 8th edition Daemons of Chaos incursion is upon us!

    Which of the 4 will you choose? Or are you the kind to mix things together?
    The first of the 8th edition Armies to get absolutely no access to the tournament favorite item: Dispel Scroll!

    I will be updating the following posts with information as we develop army lists and get some play time in the following weeks and months, but for now, a simple tactica, being that we have zero magic banners in the army book itself, we may only use Rulebook Magic Banners, a summary of them and one VERY important caveat on the Banner of the Eternal Flame, if you will please read it.

    Gray is meh!
    Orange isn't so hot.
    Red is great, Khorne likes red.
    Green = READ IT, you have to be aware of how this works before writing your lists!

    0/10 Scarecrow Banner: Every daemon already causes fear anyway

    8/10 Gleaming Pennant: Excellent 5 pt to spend if you are taking a unit that will not be of your BSB's God - if you go with a Slaanesh general and want Drones on the field, they will have a "one use" LD reroll (for Instability usually) in case you double 6 on them~

    5/10 Banner of Eternal Flame: A mere 5 out of 10. Why? Because only Daemonettes/Seekers, Horrors and the Flies/Juggernauts will be able to use it. This is due to how Matt Ward had this brilliant idea of adding "Magic Weapon" to Hellblade & Plaguesword - making it impossible for Plaguebearers, Bloodletters and their counterparts riding the monstrous beasts, to use Flaming Attacks special rule from the Banner!

    7/10 Standard of Discipline: Not entirely useful but still a boon - either for a unit of another alignment than your General/Bsb or if you go Lordless, makes the General Herald in that unit LD9 for his Bubble.

    4/10 Lichebone Pennent: Minor protection boost against spells that you can actually save against, which isn't that many spells sometimes, hah. Bloodletters already have this without the banner. Good against Death snipe, fireballs, etc.

    9/10 Banner of Swiftness: Though you can't use it with Drones or Seekers (already M10), its an extra inch for the charge, an extra 2 inches on marching and you can move your normal move without revealing the banner until you actually move farther than you would normally be able to~ Great on Daemonettes, Bloodcrushers and Bloodletters - decent on Plaguebearers and kind of weird on Horrors!

    2/10 War Banner: Equivalent of an extra wound, for 35 pts... pretty sure you'd want extra bodies for that many points! Cannot be taken by our rank and file core units as they are limited to 25 pts!

    5/10 Razor Standard: an expensive way to add armor piercing to the unit - entirely dependent on what you face. Against MC, Knights and WoC in general, its a decent thing to carry around but its priced above the 25 pts limit for core units - so I think Bloodcrushers will be the only ones who could use it.

    5/10 Ranger's Standard: Another expensive one, and not all that amazing since we don't have expensive 1 wound knights to lose in the forest like brets, elves and WoC - funny on a chariot BSB but not a good idea for Daemons to waste that many points on that.

    0/10 Wailing Banner: Some may think of spending 50 pts to "surprise terror bomb" something but with that 50 pts, you could've almost bought an entire model for that monstrous cavalry unit the banner is in~

    0/10 Rampager's Standard: BSB only, if you take it, your BSB has no gifts. Giftless Heralds are pretty awful. Don't try this at home.

    So the only REALLY useful ones are Banner of Swiftness, Standard of Discipline, Banner of Eternal Flame and Gleaming Pennant.
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