Here is a collection and project log of my Imperial forces! I tend to bounce around a bit between projects, so I decided to just do one location for my Imperial units. Before I packed up and headed off to flight school, I downsized my 40k collection, getting rid of everything I had except my Daemon Hunters and Daemons, both of which had a decent number of painted models. I left the Daemons at home, but the Grey Knights made the trip with me and have finally been getting some play time in the new edition. However, while I have many unpainted GK's still (both old metal and new plastics), my techniques and the entire paint line has changed since I last worked on them. So, I decided to start up a new force while I am down here, a Guardians of the Covenant battle company! Thus, after the initial postings, most of what you see in here will be that combat force taking shape.

I settled on the Guardians because I like the new Dark Angel book quite a bit (and I used to play them a little bit in 2nd/3rd ed.), but I wasn't that enthusiastic about their color scheme. Maybe its the metallics lover in me, but they caught my eye, so I am now eagerly working on getting a painted batch together. I have always loved the DA Veteran models, so a good chunk of my force is going to be robed, simply because I can! Anyways, enough with the talking, here is what I have so far:

First up are my two painted Inquisitors. I was quite excited when the new book came out and I could still field my converted Inquisitor Lord in TDA with his trusty Daemonhammer and psycannon!

Next is my trusty Inquisitoral Henchmen. Again, I was quite happy to see my quirky desire to field the Deathcultists in the last book rewarded by their new profile!