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Thread: Putting together a Warmaster Chaos Army - 2K

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    Putting together a Warmaster Chaos Army - 2K

    So I'm foraying back into Warmaster after many a year and I'd like a little advice. I'm building a 2K list and here's what I think I'm going to go for:

    1x General
    1x Hero
    1x Sorcerer
    2x Warriors
    2x Marauders
    4x Chariots
    2x Knights
    2x Hounds
    1x Harpies
    1x Dragon Ogres
    1x Spawn

    Leaving 20 points for magic items to taste. Any critiques or comments? I'm quite partial to the Dragon Ogres so I'd like to keep them in.


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    Re: Putting together a Warmaster Chaos Army - 2K

    Looks like a good army to me. A lot of people say to avoid Dragon Ogres, but I also like them (well, the idea- I've never played with them).

    You'll probably get more feedback on a more Warmaster dedicated forum, like this one:
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    Re: Putting together a Warmaster Chaos Army - 2K

    I suppose you would do better to switch yours Dragon Ogres for Harpies and Horsemen Marauders. Also the Spawn seems unusable to me.

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    Re: Putting together a Warmaster Chaos Army - 2K

    You will want a dragon mount for a hero. I like their magic but the 5+ roll for anything makes you want two sorccerors and i would go with less chariots due to terrain limits. I would also double down with the spawns to make them a force on the battlefield. I like moving them into position with my infantry and then leaving them there for their initiative and missiles, but my formation puts them in the front with 3+ armor from missiles. Good start !

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