I haven't updated in here for a while, but I haven't been idle all the time, so here is an overdue update.

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Some beautiful work Zogoth.
Thank you very much!

I have been chipping away on my pile of woodelves. My goal is to have 1500 points WHFB 6th Ed painted by the start of November, when our small annual get together takes place, and my plan since last year has been to have two new forces painted up. And since my dwarfs are pretty much done (I have a handful of minis left, but nothing for that event) and now I'm pretty much on the home stretch with the elves as well. But I'm still a bit undecided on what to include in the elven list so I do some random painting by now.

But lets start of with what I guess is going to be the general.
This is a model that really oozes character, if a bit over the top. It cant really be practical to move in the woods with that helmet.

Next up is another unit I was pretty apprehensive about. I just didn't know how to paint these horses, to make them “elven” enough. But in the end I'm pretty pleased with how they all turned out. So with a bit of basing and a movement tray and they are done.

And when we are among the mounted troops, here is something that probably not going to see a lot of use, but it was a pleasant little sidetrack to explore. But the chances of me using a mounted spellsinger is pretty slim, with other mounts such as unicorns and great eagles are available.

And to not get to carried away with elves and other good guys, I needed something else and this guy have been standing in my cabinet quite a while now and it was simply his time.
So from now on, my chaosdwarf masters have access to an hobgoblin (which is what he is going to be used as) hero on a wolf to sacrifice on the way to plunder and slaves.