Taking a break from painting woodelves, I have turned my attention to something completely different....High elves.

The high elves was my very first fantasy army, way back when I first started to play the game.
A couple of friends had bought the 4th ed starter box and the elves was kind of left over and I ended up buying them.
Long story short, I had a pretty big army back then, and then it got stolen from me. I had it in my car since I was supposed directly from my work to a friend to play, but my car was broken into and they pretty much everything in it was stolen. And I never got back into high elves again after that, but recently I found an army of 4th ed. models on the swedish e-bay and the levels of nostalgia just was to much to resist and I ended up getting it.

And by now I have started to try out some paint schemes, even though I'm probably a bit coloured by the old memories of my old army from more than 25 years ago.

First out is a WIP shot of a couple of citizen troopers.

Next is some of the most characterful models in the whole army, in my mind the best version of white lions so far.

And what high elf army is complete without swordsmasters?
Well, not mine at least, this iconic unit can't be passed up, and it's pretty good on the table as well, or at least it was last time I used them.

But in a another box, the box under my high elf box acctually is another old project which I have started to resurrect as well, my kislevites.

I have made a small start at the kossars so far.
Lovely models.

And on to the essence of Kislev, the winged lancers themselves, no further description needed.

The 6th ed. WHFB armylist for Kislev is pretty rudimentary to say the least, it's only made as an allied contingent for the Empire, so my plan is to use a lot of Kislev-ised Empire troops to make a playable force with some greater variety to it.

And my first test of this is what's going to be my Kreml Guard, using the Teutogen guard miniatures.