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Thread: Zogoth's painting efforts (mainly different kinds of Chaos minis)

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    Zogoth's painting efforts (mainly different kinds of Chaos minis)

    Hello all.

    I'm going to give this another try, to get me a bit more motivated to get some painting done.
    I have been in the hobby since the early 1990s but the last couple of years I have had a hard time to get time and interest to get anything done.
    I guess my main problem nowadays is that I have a hard time to keep my focus which leads to only short painting sessions, so don't expect frequent updates with lots of models.

    I will post all my painting efforts here and I have quite a few armies lying around, but I suspect that the main focus will be my forces of Chaos.
    I have a Warriors army, which more or less came to be more or less just because of one unit, the previous edition of chaos knights. I was just blown away by their look and just had to buy one just to paint it up while I worked on my dwarf army.
    And I must say that it was a joy to paint and it just rolled on from there. It was for a long time (back in the days of Hordes of Chaos) an army with only Slaanesh devoted troops, just the same as my Beastmen pledged their allegiance to Nurgle. But with the changes over the editions the borders between my different chaos armies have become more fluid, even though I have stuck to Slaanesh and Nurgle.
    Or I did until I converted my knights of Khorne. These conversions was nothing spectacular, just knights riding the then new plastic juggers from the bloodchrushers set, so now I have a unit of Skullcrushers, with rules and all (before I counted each jugger as 2 chaos knights).

    I'll start of with my Slaanesh warrior bits and pieces.

    My Lord.
    Possibly the most unsuccessful warlord that's made it out of the chaos wastes, but he makes up for it by doing things in style. “It's not how well you do but how good you look doing it that counts”.
    I have a couple of versions of this guy waiting to be painted, one on foot and another one on a dragon.

    My most used Slaaneshi sorcerer, nothing spectacular, but I really like this mini and I think it fits in pretty well. And just a small token/marker without any real purpose, but it can come in handy at times.

    I don't use special characters but I make good use of the models as regular characters or unit champions. This model just have that aura of arrogance I really imagine a Slaanesh character would have and display.
    He's usually employed as a unit champion in my most recent unit of halberd armed warriors.
    Still not 100% done, there is a few smaller things to sort out such as finishing the gems and pupils.

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