Again it's been a bit too long since I gave this plog some love.

On the other hand, a thing called life has been happening, working in retail is always a treat over the holidays....even under these conditions.

So I haven't been all that productive at the end of the year.
All in all it have been a pretty productive year, 186 models painted since min January 2020, and this without any lockdown-time. And I still managed to buy more models than what I have painted .

Me and a group of friends also sort of managed to get our yearly gaming get together done, luckily this happened before the **** hit the fan again a little bit later. So using the facility size to full extent and a healthy amount of hand-sanitizer we all made it without any ill effects.

And after this , I haven't really had a project locked in to work on, so I have painted some bits and bobs, but my High elves and Kislev forces have got the lions share of my attention at least.

But I have also as I said tidied up a few loose ends, mainly for my chaos dwarfs.

First out yet again something that I'm likely never to field, especially as there isn't any rules for him, if I don't use him as an standard-bearer for my sneaky gits or something. But he is at least for now still a hobgoblin shaman (the model is just a bog standard goblin shaman).

And then I eventually finished something I have had laying around for the odd decade or so....There was more than once that I was on the brink of giving up on this one. There was always one more detail or one more rivet showing up. But I'm calling it done and have actually even played a game with it.
So here is my Iron Daemon.

I have also finished up (sort of) the first of my Savage giants for A song of ice and fire. Still not sure about the base, I might put some patches of snow there as well.

What I've been working on the most though is my next two fantasy projects, and mainly my High elves.

Let's start with a more or less finished unit of spearmen, just some shields and a banner left to do, as well as finishing of the movement tray.

And to follow that, a work in progress picture of my unit of white lions, around 40% done.

And to end the elven buisness for today, the crew to the first of my boltthrowers.

And I have worked a little on the kislevites as well, but the it's mainly been filling the ranks of my kossars and kreml guard, and I haven't taken any pictures of that.

But I have also painted this litte “ice witch”

I guess that is all for now