I have been working my way through a few more of my minis, and more or less finished these waywatchers, just some hard-coat on the gems and some Rinox Hide brown around the base-edge and these are done. It's probably mostly nostalgia speaking but this line of woodelves are just so characterful, or a lot of them are at least, but there are exceptions as well, as the old treemen. Those haven't really stood the test of time.

And being the hobby butterfly as I am, I've been working a bit on updating my old dwarfs as well.
I have given all of my slayers face-tattoos (and many tattoos on their hands as well), just as another marker to show that they takes their vows seriously.

And what would a dwarven army be without a decent doze of powder-weapons and other weird inventions?
My army isn't really that gun-heavy, but I'm getting there, recently bought a few old war-machines of E-bay that I have regretted not buying back in the day for quite some time, so there might be more machines in the future.
And here are my one and only unit of handguns as a small starter.