this list is just something ive been thinking about for a while because you dont really see alot of beastmen lists out there

feel free to leave criticism no matter how harsh

wargor w/ BSB. Beast Banner. shield H.armour

Great bray shaman w/ level 4, lore of shadows, gamblers armour. crown of horns

bray shaman w/lore of beasts level 2, AHW, Feedback scroll

bray shaman w/ lore of beasts level 1. Shard of Herdstone


horde of 60 gor w/ AHW and full command

unit of 20 ungor w/ spear and full command

unit of 40 bestigor w/full command and razor standerd

razorgor chariot

now my method to this madness is place the Wargor/BSB in the gor horde so with the beast banner were at +1 strength
also place the great bray shaman in there so they are also stubborn

SO potentially should miasma and wildform get off your looking at +2 strength stubborn gors with AHW plus whatever they are fighting potentially could be D3 down on their stats

slugtongue is there purely for his special rule.

the level 1 bray shaman is here purely for the shard of the herdstone. he can sit by that and maybe pop a wildform off

the level 2 will probably go in the bestigor unit, the feedback scroll is a nice little feature i think

bestigor unit with razor standard. Armour piercing attacks really will help the bestigors go up a level i think

and the chariot is a general trouble causer

feel free to pick this apart perhaps its not practical and will ripped to shreds by more experienced players but i just wanted to see what you guys think