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Thread: Wanting to make an army based on the legend of Sir Gareth and the Tree of Shields

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    Wanting to make an army based on the legend of Sir Gareth and the Tree of Shields

    Basically Gareth ends up fighting his way through several knights until he gets to the crimson knight. Here he has to summon him by blowing a horn affixed to a tree from which hang the bodies of previous challengers. The Crimson knight appears, and as the legend goes, he gets stronger towards midday and weaker in the morning/afternoon. Pretty dark for an Arthurian legend

    I want to make an army revolving around it, and I'm thinking about using Vampire Counts but wanted some input if that was the best choice. I definitely wanted to mess with the darkness of the story, make the Tree an actual presence on the field, and I wanted the Crimson Knight to be the star of the show, a souped up Vampire Lord revolving around cc. He will seek out the enemy leaders/heroes and try to cut them down (fluff-wise hanging their bodies from the tree). Particularly worthy opponents have become the wight kings that now buffer units of undead peasants (bretonnian men at arms) that follow in his wake as retainers and so on. A Mortis engine could provide the stat-line for the tree I though, which moves about with a will of its own, sapping the will to fit from the foe, and buffing the army with its presence.

    What do you think? This is what I have for The Crimson Knight, basically as Cc as I could think to make him:

    The Crimson Knight (Vampire Lord) (548) Nightshroud; Giant Blade; Red Fury; Dread Knight; Quickblood; Level 4 Wizard; ; shield; heavy armour, Barded Nightmare, barding

    Essentially what I wanted to know was if you thought Vampire counts was the best army to use for this idea, and suggestions to make it work on the table top. I'm no really concerned with it being a kicking butt army, but I don't want it to be walked over, and I do want the Vampire Lord to shine the most!!!
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