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    No Slann SCGT comp 2400pts

    Saurus Oldblood
    Bane Head, Burning Blade of Chotec, Charmed Shield, Cold One, Dawnstone, Light Armour

    Skink Priest
    Ancient Stegadon with Engine of the Gods, Diadem of Power, Hand Weapon

    Skink Priest
    Cube of Darkness

    Skink Priest
    Curse-Charm of Tepok, Dispel Scroll

    2x Jungle Swarm

    25x Saurus Warriors
    Champion Musician Standard Bearer

    10x Skink Skirmisher
    10x Skink Skirmisher

    10x Skink cohorts
    10x Skink cohorts
    10x Skink cohorts

    5x Chameleon
    5x Chameleon


    Ancient Stegadon

    3x Salamander
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    Knowing MOMUS I would guess something dirty and/or depraved.
    Or conning you into making a giant-sized Slann.
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    That was pretty epic, MOMUS.

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