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Thread: Tomb Kings List 2000 points

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    Tomb Kings List 2000 points

    I need some advice with tomb kings list since I have not used them since the new rules came out.

    Tomb king with Destoyer of eternities 250

    Liche priest with one dispell scoll lv2 125

    Liche priest 105 lv2

    tomb herald 89 BSB

    chariot unit x 3 FC 204
    skeleton x 30 FC 195

    Tomb guard x 20 250
    Ushabti x3 with champ 160
    Necropolis knights x3 225
    Tomb scorpian x 1 85
    Necrolith colossus 175
    Casket of souls 135

    total 2003

    Let me know what you think and if I should drop anything.
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