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Ooh, that sounds tasty

I guess that completes the release then if it's Tau sized:
Wraithuard (shooty & CC)
Uberwraith (shooty & CC)
Flyer (2 variants in one?)

Thanks Hastings, a happy little Eldar lover here
Going by previous releases, I'd expect:
Wraithguard Shooty/CC 5 pack for either $50 or $60
Wraithknight on large oval with shooty and CC options for $85
Flier with fighter/bomber option for $65
3 pack Jetbikes/Shining spears for $50
Probably plastic farseer minisprue
2-3 new characters in finecast

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Ye I can't believe we won't get a large release we have about 8 plastic kits. Deamons have 15 witch cover about 20 different options.
I can imagine some aspects moving to plastic but I don't want to start this debate of again. As its been discussed so many times
I can also see new tank options and the flyers are obvious.But its always nice to have comformation from a reliable source.
Daemons have had 4 waves across 4 books for two systems in the past 6ish years. Of course they have a lot of plastic kits, when they get 3-4 plastic kits per wave.

May 2008: Daemons of Chaos (4th edition) (AC & GT)
P *Chaos - Daemonettes (AH)
P *Chaos - Bloodletters (BN)
P *Chaos - Soulgrinder (MH & TA)
*Chaos - Epidemius (AM)
*Chaos - Skulltaker (MH)
*Chaos - The Masque (JD)
Chaos - Khorne Herald on Juggernaught (JG & MA)
*Chaos - Bloodcrusher (JG & MA)
*Chaos - Beasts of Nurgle (AM)
*Chaos - Fiends of Slaanesh (TM)
*Chaos - Flesh Hounds (TM)
*Chaos - Karanak (TM)
*Chaos - Plaguebearer Command (AM)

August 2010
P *Chaos - Bloodcrushers (AH)
P Chaos - Mounted Daemonettes (AH)
P *Chaos - Horrors of Tzeentch (MH & GB)
P *Chaos - Daemon Prince (MH)
*Chaos - Kairos Fateweaver (TC)
*Chaos - Changling (MH)

August 2012
P *Chaos - Plaguebearers
P Chaos - Nurglings (DL & BN)
P Chaos - Seeker Chariot/Hellflayer
P *Chaos - Screamers
Chaos - Flamers of Tzeentch (TC & CG)
Chaos - Blue Scribes

March 2013: Daemons of Chaos (6th edition)
P Chaos - Plague Drones
P Chaos - Blood Throne/Skull Cannon
P Chaos - Burning Chariot/Herald of Tzeentch on Chariot
P Chaos - Herald of Nurgle
Chaos - Herald of Khorne
Chaos - Herald of Slaanesh

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Lets be honest here, up until the recent codex DA could easily fit into the vanilla SM book (SCs to take bikes or termis as troops). Yes, GW can add a crap-tonne of new units (extra special bikes and terminators, extra-extra special bikes and terminators, and some flyers which could fit into most SM armies) to give an army its own book, but there are plenty more things in the 40k world that could be expanded on than yet another divergent SM chapter. Give me a Mechanicus codex instead .

Is the Eldar for November thing still "accurate" or has it been brought forward with the manic release schedule GW are operating on?
DA could have fit in, but did have a larger variety of special characters, and a much longer history of independent codices. Templars had the Emperor's champion in 3rd ed marines, Codex Armegeddon added the Initiate squad setup, the Crusader, and the vow system. Codex: Black Templars added 3-4 unique pieces of Wargear, Grimaldus, and Helbrecht. Sure, they could be expanded, but are not at the critical mass of uniqueness. But I've addressed that topic elsewhere.

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If they keep up with this monthly release schedule, June is a real possibility. There'll probably be some sort of special Summer release, so that will need to be factored in when trying to prognosticate the release dates for codices and army books. Here's hoping for a steady flow.
Summer will likely see some wave releases and maybe Apoc II. Then perhaps September for a box game? Oct and Nov would cover Eldar and Lizardmen respectively if High Elves are in May, which would also put the Hobbit and holiday armies in Dec, and the next 40K codex (Space Marines?) in January

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You along with many others seem to be blind to the fact that DA were/have been (and may still be) the guinea pig space marine chapter. Comparing 4th ed DA to 4th ed SM they were very divergent and warranted their own dex. Its because 5th ed codices (SM, BA, SW, GK) took so many aspects of the DA dex that they were basically standing around left with nothing but DW and RW. I really hate this misconception that DA are so easy to wedge into the SM codex when in reality it is only that way because DA have suffered from being the lab rat of space marine dexes.
DA also have a much longer history of independent codices. Dropping from 5 mainline Astartes books to 4 (SM, SW, BA, and DA) would also help clear away a little of the superabundance of marine books.